Building Factories Ready to Use

4 Storeys

There are 4-storey Ready-to-Use Factory Buildings (BPSP) to meet the needs of entrepreneurs engaged in high-tech industries. This building is a modern multifunctional building that can be used as a factory, office or warehouse.

There are 27 rooms and 4 types of rooms, namely 210 m2, 228 m2, 279 m2 and 438 m2, ready-to-use factory buildings equipped with adequate facilities such as information centers, extensive parking, good security systems, goods and passenger elevators and fiber optic networks and satellite communication. Supported by solid building management, 4-story BPSP will be the right place / place to achieve the best performance in business.

2 Storeys

For investors who want to produce immediately, we present a ready-to-use Dual-use Factory Building (BPSP), various types with a building area of 216 m2, 324 m2 and 840 m2.